Public Service Announcement:

Public Service Announcement:
Trash Collection


Household trash collection in Menominee is contracted by the City to Waste Management.  Residents and small businesses place trash bags at the curbside Tuesday through Friday for Waste Management collection.  Your individual collection day depends on where you live. Please call the Department of Public Works ( 906-863-1736) to verify your collection day.


 You can place up to six 30 gallon trash bags at the curb each week.  


Residents pay for trash collection in two ways. A one mill tax is levied specifically for trash collection. This tax is paid by every property owner within the City. In addition, residents and small businesses pay a monthly user fee of $9.50 for curbside collection service. (This user fee is subject to periodic adjustment for fuel surcharges.)  In the case of rental property, the monthly user fee applies to each living unit. However, curbside bag collection does not apply to residential buildings with more than four living units. These buildings are required to have dumpsters.


Small businesses that can live with the weekly six bag limit are able to use the curbside collection service.  Businesses that cannot stay within the six bag weekly limit are required to have trash dumpsters which they contract for directly with the vendor.

 Large items that are not suitable for weekly curbside collection (i.e. furniture) can be disposed of via the Waste Management bulky item pick-up service.  By calling 906-863-5998 , you can arrange a special pick-up of your bulky item. This is an additional service, and you pay with your credit card when you call to arrange the pick-up. The cost depends on the size of your item. For even larger loads, you can also use the Waste Management landfill site located on Evergreen Road, about four miles north of town off Hwy 41. (Watch for the sign.) 


Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, and brush) can be disposed of at the city’s Yard Waste Disposal Site on 23rd Ave. (north side of street, next to railroad tracks just east of 13th St.) This area is open in season 7am to 3 pm, Monday thru Friday. At certain times of year, Saturday hours may also be added.